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New Products

Mid-sized utility tractor

4-wheel-drive M5660UHD with bucket lift

Kubota Tractor Corp. has added a mid-sized utility tractor to its popular M-Series line. The M5660SU special utility tractor is available in two- and four-wheel-drive models and offers enhanced features like the easy-to-use hydraulic shuttle that simplifies front loader work, a new transmission with eight forward and reverse speeds, and the comfort of ergonomically designed controls.

The tractor is available in two models: the 2-wheel-drive M5660SUH and the 4-wheel-drive M5660UHD. Both models are equipped with a 56 net horsepower direct fuel-injection engine. The M5660SU includes a common rail system (CRS) and diesel particulate filter (DPF) as standard equipment that work together to ensure clean operation and total compliance with the EPA Tier 4 final emissions regulations.

The tractors can be equipped with an optional economy power take off (PTO) that reduces operating noise and fuel consumption. The tractors are equipped with a constant rotations-per-minute (RPM) management system that maintains a constant RPM rate regardless of terrain, as well as a constant travel speed and PTO RPM rate when using PTO-driven implements.

The new front loader is fully integrated with a curved boom design that provides high visibility and clear sight lines to the sides of the bucket and loader. Operators can attach and detach the front loader quickly without the use of tools; they can simply adjust the mounting pins to attach or release. Operators can enjoy ergonomically designed controls and a high-back bucket seat with lumbar support. A telescopic lower link, rear remote valve, and high-lift loader all come standard.

For more information call 1-877-582-6826 or visit

Utility tractor update

John Deere 3038E compact utility tractors

John Deere has updated its 3E Series compact utility tractors for 2015 with the introduction of the 3032E and 3038E models. Designed and built in Augusta, Ga., the 3E Series models are practical for rural property owners, equine and small-scale livestock operations, landscape contractors and grounds-care maintenance providers who are looking for a machine designed to handle a variety of tasks.

Both models are equipped with emissions-compliant Final Tier 4 engines with 31.1 and 37.3 hp, respectively. A hydrostatic transmission with Twin Touch™ pedals provides operators with simple, comfortable-to-use controls to find the right speed for the job at hand. It’s as easy as pressing a single foot pedal to go forward and another foot pedal to go in reverse. Automotive-style cruise control is optional.

Both models feature a flat, uncluttered open-station operator platform. A new, higher back seat provides added comfort, and a foldable, certified rollover protection structure (ROPS) is designed to provide easier storage. Without tools, the operator can manually fold the safety device down for easy parking in a garage or shed.

Four-wheel drive comes standard on both machines. The 3E Series is compatible with a broad range of implements, including mowers, rear blades and posthole diggers. A factory-installed loader option is also available. The 3E Series is an eligible purchase within the Green Fleet™ Loyalty Rewards program.

For more information visit a local dealer or to learn more.

Rough-terrain forklifts

Case Construction Equipment 586H rough-terrain forklift

Case Construction Equipment has introduced the 586H and 588H rough-terrain forklifts.

Rated at 74 hp, the 586H provides 6,000 lb. of lift capacity with a 15-foot mast and 3,000 lb. of lift capacity with a 22-ft. mast. The 74-hp 588H offers 8,000 lb. of lifting capacity with a 15-ft. mast and 4,000 lb. of lift capacity with a 22-ft. mast.

Designed with 45° forward mast tilt and 15° backward mast tilt, along with optional load control technology, both forklifts are built to steadily handle and place all loads while providing a smooth ride for the operator. A narrow zero-tail swing design allows for operation regardless of environment. A dual-mast design, narrow operating console and low/sloped rear hood improve visibility to all areas of operation.

Both forklifts achieve Tier 4 Final certification with the company’s maintenance-free particulate matter catalyst — a combination of a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and a high-efficiency flow-through filter that requires no fluids and no diesel particulate filter (DPF) maintenance/upkeep. This solution also offers 5% better fuel efficiency and faster response times than previous models.

For more information visit

Reliable, portable power

Powerhouse PH 4000Ri/E inverter generator

Powerhouse Generators has introduced the Powerhouse PH 4000Ri/E inverter generator, the first with electronic fuel injection (EFI) for camping, working or facing a natural disaster. The new generator puts out 4,000 watts of clean power, which is enough to run a 15,000 BTU air conditioner, lights, refrigerator and a coffeemaker, or several power tools all at the same time.

The EFI gives the new generator a number of useful advantages, including excellent cold-weather starting and hot restarts. EFI produces superior horsepower and improves performance at high altitude. Other EFI advantages of the PH4000 include a self-priming fuel system, exceptional fuel economy and cleaner emissions.

The new generator has an electric starter with a large battery, which also eases cold-weather starting. The included remote-control starts or stops the generator from up to 75 ft. away. Inverter technology delivers clean, clear power that won’t damage sensitive electronics like laptops, flat-screen TVs and game consoles. An onboard digital screen displays voltage, amperage, wattage, fuel level and information from the self-contained diagnostic system.

Quiet enough to meet National Park Service guidelines for campground use, the generator also meets the most stringent air quality standards throughout North America with CARB, EPA and CSA certifications. The generator features telescoping wheelbarrow-style handles and pneumatic tires for easier handling and smooth movement even on rough terrain.

For more information call 1-800-495-5858 or visit

Hemostatic product

LifeScience Plus Inc. has introduced BloodStop® a hemostatic wound-care product that has been shown to reduce the healing process from four to five weeks to typically just one week. Initially developed for surgical use in humans, the product is a superior bandage proven to stop bleeding faster and promote healing universally, even in the presence of fur or hair. Made from 100% natural fiber cellulose, with a few drops of water the gauze pad turns into a gel to seal the wound. It gently rinses off with water without reopening the wound.

According to the release, the product has been proven to be an effective tool in helping cattle heal faster after the removal of hairy foot warts, a highly contagious disease that causes lameness. The disease must be treated right away, and in many cases a professional hoofer must be hired to cut off the warts, which can be a bloody and expensive process that usually takes four to five weeks, per cow, to heal.

The release says the product is inexpensive and can be found on the shelves of more than 30,000 stores throughout the United States, including CVS, Walgreens and Walmart. It can also be purchased online.

For more information visit


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