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September 2016
Replacement heifers: Raise ’em or Buy ’em
Deciding whether to raise or buy replacement heifers is never an easy decision, and the answer isn’t the same for every operation.

AI Training
Future Angus Stockman to attend AI school.

Angus Convention Hits the Road to Indianapolis
Quality-focused cattle producers are invited to save the date for the 2016 Angus Convention Nov. 5-7 in Indianapolis, Ind.

Angus Convention Announces Grand Prize
Priefert and Tru-Test partner to provide ultimate giveaway.

Graze 300 Days a Year
Arkansas forage specialists offer five-step plan to 300-day grazing program.

The Future of Beef Demand
BIF speakers predict beef demand in 20 years and how to meet it.

Reduce Risk with a Sound Grazing Lease
Tips offered to enter into an agreeable grazing lease.

Feedlot Welfare Advances
Research shows how handling, loading and transport can improve welfare
of feeder cattle.

Health and Welfare
Research presented on mitigating BRD, heat stress and acidosis.

Managing Maternal Separation
Managing weaning behavior increases cow and calf performance.

BCS Indicates Welfare Status
Body condition assessments are an indicator of an animal’s welfare and nutritional status.

Bottom-line Beef Producer
Texan Vance Mitchell takes a “no excuses” approach.

The Best Plans Can Change
Family changes estate plan to better fit the needs of their family and operation.

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