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January 2017
‘Thanks a Billion’
CAB President John Stika shares milestone.

Billion, with a ‘B’
Certified Angus Beef® brand sales surpass 1 billion pounds.

Angus Elects New Officers, Directors
The American Angus Association welcomes breed leaders to serve its 25,000 members.

Enriquez Highlights Global Changes
Recognized futurist and thought leader Juan Enriquez challenges Angus breeders to “embrace change.”

Don't Say No to Technology
International Genomics Symposium panelists urge members to embrace technology, innovation.

Members Honored
Members honored for contribution to the breed, milestones, leadership during annual awards breakfast in Indianapolis, Ind.

Championing Youth, Education, Research
The organization’s annual Supporter Recognition Event recognizes generous donors who contribute to the Angus breed.

Bending Curves, Breaking Stereotypes
Live-animal session shows genomic application.

A Benefit to All Involved
Live-animal session explains advantages of testing to know more earlier.

‘Stable’ Markets
CattleFax analyst encourages producers during Angus University outlook session.

Capturing Value for Customers
Seedstock panel addresses ways to capture the value of good genetics.

Consider All Aspects
Angus University presenter Kevin Hill talks adding value with management.

Document Age, Source and Genetics
Ginette Gottswiller explains AngusSource®, the Association’s process-verified program designed to help commercial cattlemen add value and assist with marketing Angus-sired feeder calves and replacement heifers. …

Grand Prize Giveaway
First-time Angus Convention attendees Kenneth and Carol Webb traveled to Indianapolis, Ind., to learn more about the Angus breed as they establish their own seedstock business in eastern West Virginia.

The Big Time
What can be learned from a big outfit?

Beware of Digital Dermatitis
Veterinary epidemiologist says the source of lameness is a growing cattle health issue with significant animal welfare implications.

Bull Selection Guide
Here are five considerations to keep in mind as you select your next herd sire.

Purdue Ag Outlook
Purdue ag economists forecast weak crop prices, farm incomes in 2017.

Yield Grade Opportunities Detailed
System accounts for no more than 40% of red meat yield variation.

Accountability On the Rise
Embracing change for cattle care, drug use means opportunity for profit in cattle feeding.

Getting There Fast
After disappointment, DNA testing accelerates change in Montana.

Taking Care of the Moneymakers
Willow Creek Ranch looks down the line for success.

Cattle Feeding Chat Builds Bridges
Kansas brothers address beef marketers.

Where the Windmills Are
California sheep herdsman turns to quality Angus for the best of both worlds.

Manage Those Microbes
Direct-fed microbials, also called probiotics, offer a natural way to boost cattle health and productivity.

Cold Stress Affects Cow Energy Needs
Consider coat condition, wind chill when assessing effects of the cold.

Mosey on Down to Nashville
An anticipated 6,000-7,000 cattlemen will mosey on down, up or over to Music City Feb. 1-3 for the beef industry’s largest gathering of the year.

Save the Date
K-State to Host 2017 Applied Reproductive Strategies Workshop.

New Rules
A quick, updated glance at the veterinary feed directive as it takes effect Jan. 1.

Angus Growth Reflects True Demand
American Angus Association year-end reports point to growth for registered Angus genetics, demand for CAB® brand.

NWSS Part 2: Growing a Presence in the West
Part 2 of this series on the National Western Stock Show looks at the history of the internationally known livestock show.

Refining the Target
Which prebreeding weight target is right for your herd will vary.

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